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Precious Memories


Housed in a 3 building campus, the multi-faceted Dolly Parton Experience museum includes exhibits which span her iconic career, the inspiration and results of her biggest dreams, the importance of her family, and even a curated exhibit that highlights Dolly’s signature fashion and style through the years.

Ballast created the "Precious Memories" exhibit that lives in the renovated DreamSong Theater. This deeply personal 32-min documentary honors the importance of Dolly’s family, faith and extremely humble origins. It details how their support allowed her to spread her wings to unimaginable heights. The content plays in a custom designed, 16-frame gallery wall that features archival footage and photos from Dolly's personal collection.

After the grand opening event, Dolly told us how important this installation is for her legacy and how it impacted her emotionally as she watched the final piece. Getting to know and document the Parton family was definitely a highlight, but also very relatable and familiar somehow. Dolly said it best when she observed, "We take the little things, and turn them into big things"!