Ballast. Creative bedrock

Thrill seekers, harnessing

the forces of design,

motion and story.

Our hand-built machine takes us away. 


Some might say it's not much to look at, but you should see what we can do with this thing. 


We’d tell you how we built our machine, but it’s a trade secret. The components are deceptively simple. Nothing you couldn’t find at a respectable flea market or your high school chem teacher’s garage sale. Six slightly used Bunsen burners. A partially intact Tesla coil. The transmission from an '85 turbo diesel. A fistful of 9-Volt batteries. Some other stuff not worth mentioning. 


Forget the components, it’s what our machine does that counts. From broadcast promo and network rebrands to main titles, VFX and show packages, we systematically produce favorable results for our clients. And we’re always fueled for the next mission. 


So climb aboard, no seatbelts needed. Just take the wheel with us and punch in a new set of coordinates. 

We’re honored to work with some of the most entertaining brands on the planet.

© 2020 Ballast

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