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NFL Explained: Broadcast Innovations

animation, illustration, motion graphics, graphics package, main title, design

2023 Webby Award-Winning Graphics Package for NFL! Ballast plugged in to tell the story of how the NFL drove broadcast innovation from 1939 through the present en route to becoming the world’s premiere sports league and entertainment venture. We created over 5 minutes of animated content and a graphics package for the latest episode of the documentary series, NFL Explained. The comedic illustration and collage style provided coverage of the moments that were milestones in broadcast technology.

Creative Director: Eric Fulford
Designer: Aaron Milus
Illustrator: Harrison Freeman
Animators: George Moise, Aaron Milus
Producer: Jennifer Ryan

Senior Director: Johnathan James
Creative Director: Cari Chadwick
Producers: Mitchell Swartz, Joshua Sheehan
Writer: Joshua Sheehan
Editors: Joshua Sheehan, Olivia Leisinger