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vfx, 3D, production, motion graphics

When we first received the request to pitch for the main title work, we responded with a concept that would require shooting underwater in an isolated cove on Catalina Island. Logistics and timing got in the way and we instead moved our shoot to the backyard pool at Eric’s house (thank you, Katie!).

A massive stick was shoved into the machinery when the props of shackles, handcuffs, and keys arrived from Romania, where the series was filmed. Almost all of the props were made of foam and painted to look like steel and foam, um, doesn’t sink so well. So, in the 24 hours leading up to the shoot day, we scoured every prop house in Los Angeles and luckily, found enough to get the job done.

We got with our old pal Michael Pescasio to man the unwieldy underwater housing which housed a very expensive Phantom Flex4K camera. Shooting anywhere between 900 and 1200 frames per second, we managed to grab the moments we were looking for to complete the edit.