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Visual Effects

Lionsgate A+E Houdini VFX & Newspaper Sequences
Time Traveler - Behind the Scenes
A+E / History Channel Roots Miniseries House Damage VFX
E! The Soup Virtual Eyes Promo
E! The Soup Cosplay Promo VFX
Social Distance The Making of Netflix's Newest Anthology Series Netflix
Mr Wolf Social Distance
CBS / Paramount NUMB3RS Graphics & VFX
A+E / History Channel Roots Miniseries Last Scene VFX
A+E / Lifetime Lizzie Borden VFX
Fenton Communications Political Ad - Fox News Climate Change
Lionsgate A+E Bonnie & Clyde VFX and Newspaper Sequences
Silver Dollar City Outlaw Run
VFX Reel
Fox Sports Coors Light
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