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Heaven Sent

motion graphics, graphics package, design

25,000' & no chute!

We worked with 4 time Emmy winning EP Al Berman and Anaheim based agency Amusement Park to create a live event package for air on FOX. The live broadcast was a stunt showcasing veteran skydiver Luke Aikins jumping from 25,000 feet into a net, without a chute! There many unknowns as the event date rapidly approached including whether or not SAG was even going to let Luke make the jump at all. But the team, including producer Diana Horowitz and Bruce Perlmutter, adapted on the fly and everything came together seamlessly.

The parts of the toolkit consisted of a show open, event graphics and biological diagnostics displays, and a demonstrative video explaining the jumps process and steps. We worked with guerilla animator Cameron Walser to create the explanation of the stunt. This was used several times in the broadcast leading up to the actual jump.

No parachute, no wingsuit, just mad intensity. Check out the work we did for the one time only event. Spoiler Alert: He made it.