Fuel TV Soul Skate

Fuel TV Soul Skate

Fuel TV Finger Flip

Fuel TV Domino

Fuel TV New Board

Network Idents, Skate Series


Ballast created a unique network ID for FuelTV, combining 3D character animation with traditional lightbox rotoscoping and cel animation techniques. The ID tells the story of one skateboard's journey into the beyond.

An homage to the flip books of our youth. A thaumatrope technique combined with over a hundred hand drawn cards gave us the crafted look we were aiming for.

Supersized dominoes serve as 100 different tactile frames for this quick narrative. When shot in succession the dominoes tell the prologue of the story.

A stop motion piece that takes us through the fast paced and often short lifespan of a skateboard. A rugged sound design texture and an unexpected music track give depth to this simple concept.