Network Rebrand


Our visually dynamic brand work for Fox Sports Australia scored big not only with the on-air department but also with the interactive and mobile teams, who immediately recruited the new format. If you are a rugby, soccer, or cricket fan in Australia, you know that there really is only one option for live sports, Fox Sports Australia. But Patrick Delaney, head of the network, didn’t want to stop there. He wanted FSA to reach a broader demographic, not just the core fans who tune in religiously. The challenge was how to make the channel feel more regal and less bravado, without alienating its base.


Our strategy was to create a modular and robust identity system that would keep the brand evergreen. The creative execution began with a comprehensive research phase, and ended with an established system that could evolve organically across all platforms. Using live action, 3D/2D animation, and practical elements, we delivered over a hundred deliverables in less than three months, which included the on-air toolkit, digital breaths, network indents and promos.